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    The Dos and Don’ts of Protecting Your Furniture

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    Beautiful wood furniture lasts for decades – or more – when properly protected.  Our dos and don’ts will show you how to clean, protect, and preserve your favorite wood pieces to keep them healthy, looking great, and ready to be enjoyed for decades to come! Do: Dust frequently.  Even if you don’t think you see [Read the full article…]

    Should I Reupholster My Sofa or Buy New?

    Posted by

    When your upholstered furniture starts to show its age, the time comes to choose whether you’ll discard it and buy new furniture, or have it recovered or reupholstered by a great furniture refinishing company. Our tips can help you decide! Is the furniture an antique or heirloom? Antique furniture is almost always higher in quality [Read the full article…]

    How To Clean and Store Your Outdoor Furniture

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    Whether you’re storing your outdoor furniture while you’re away on vacation, packing it away for winter, or putting it in long term storage, our tips will help ensure it’s clean, protected, and ready to enjoy again when the time comes! To clean fabric: Give each cushion and pad a good shake, and remove all debris [Read the full article…]

    How To Reupholster Your Padded Dining Room Chairs

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    Are your padded dining room chairs looking a little worse for the wear these days?  Dated and faded fabrics can give your entire dining room a rundown appearance, and torn padding or flattened cushions are uncomfortable for you and your family and dinner guests to sit on.  Give your dining room chairs a new life [Read the full article…]

    How To Refinish Your Dining Room Table

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    The dining room table gets a lot of use. It’s the place to have family meals and dinner parties, but it’s also often the place to do homework, play board games, and more. Scratches, scuffs, and water rings eventually appear throughout all of this, and before long, the dining room table will need to be [Read the full article…]