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  • The Importance of Using a Highly Rated Furniture Refinishing Shop

    Torn fabric, flat cushions, faded upholstery, water rings, broken chair legs, scratched surfaces… at some point, every one of us needs to have fine furniture repaired, refinished, reupholstered, or otherwise “fixed.”  You can look for tips online and attempt the job yourself, or you can take your beautiful furniture to a chop shop and hope it turns out alright, or you can find a highly rated and trustworthy furniture restoration service and rely on the expertise of the craftsmen there.

    Fine furniture requires fine craftsmanship.  Here are 3 requirements of fine furniture that make it important to seek a great furniture refinishing shop when work needs to be done:

    1. Time– Any refinishing or upholstering job takes time, and many jobs take a lot of time. For a high-quality custom job, specialized supplies often need to be ordered. There is almost always a great deal of prep work required of a furniture reupholstery or refinishing job.  If you’re refinishing wood, you’ll often need to wait for a coating of varnish or lacquer to cure, or for glue to set, which can take hours or even days to occur.  In upholstery work, you need to take the time to measure the fabric carefully, cut with precision, and take handle the fabric carefully.
    2. Labor Intensive– The detailed work required of repairing and restoring fine furniture can be extensive.Prep work can include stripping and sanding a piece to the frame.  Then, reinforcing a frame or joints, replacing coil springs and zigzag springs, replacing padding, applying stain, chair caning, fitting and sewing fabric to the specific specs needed, and perfecting detail work by hand all require focused, skilled work.
    3. Special Skills– A high quality furniture restoration shop employs true craftsmen who have honed their skills for years, received specialized training, and generally become experts in numerous aspects of antique restoration, upholstering, and wood refinishing.

    High quality furniture restoration and reupholstery is a time- and labor-intensive process that involves specialized skills. Your heirloom dresser and armoire, antique chair, and favorite hutch need to be trusted to the care of an award-winning, trusted furniture restoration company.  Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best First Coast furniture repair shop that customers in Riverside, Mandarin, Ortega, and Jacksonville call on for their furniture needs.  Call today to set up your appointment!

    3 Important Things You Need for Your Furniture Refinishing Project

    Wood furniture sustains a lot of damage simply through everyday use.  Fortunately, a lot of this damage can be mitigated through sanding, scraping, and staining, which is why so many homeowners set off on DIY wood refinishing projects.  So what do you need to embark on your own furniture restoration project?

    1. Time– Any woodworking, wood refinishing, or restoration project requires time. Unless you’re a seasoned furniture restorer, you’ll need time to research the project, gather your materials, decide on the perfect stain or lacquer, etc.  Then, you’ll need time to execute the project. Often, furniture repair and restoration requires multiple coatings, or involves a glue that needs to cure.  High quality furniture restoration and refinishing takes time.  If you’re short on time yourself, it’s best to call on a great furniture restoration shop to do the work.
    2. Protection– Make sure you have all the necessary protective equipment to perform the work safely. Many restoration projects require strippers and solvents, and for the sake of your hands, invest in good quality gloves that are appropriate for the task you will be doing and the materials you will be handling.  If you’ll be applying lacquers, shellacs, or varnishes, we recommend using the appropriate respirator while working.  Liquid varnishes can spatter, and fumes can irritate your eyes, so protect yourself with the right glasses or goggles.
    3. Space– Unless you’re restoring dollhouse furniture, you’ll need a large work area for your furniture repair project. You need adequate space to spread out a tarp or dropcloth and to hold numerous tools, gallons of varnish or stain, and other project materials.  Your project will be messy, so you’ll need to find the right space where sanding dust, fumes, spatter, and cords won’t be a bother to others in your house.  Since wood refinishing projects can span multiple days or weeks, you’ll want your space to be out of the way of everyday foot traffic too.

    It’s a great feeling when your project is complete… The final coat of varnish has dried, and your antique chair, end table, or headboard can be reincorporated into your home.  If you have doubts about completing the project yourself, find the best local furniture refinishing service and trust the job to them. It’s possible that the task may become overly taxing, too expensive, or downright dangerous, and in such cases, it’s best to take the piece to a professional restoration shop.

    Jax Furniture Refinishing and Upholstering is the best Jacksonville FL furniture refinishing company and we’re the ones to trust with your project!  Our customers in historic Riverside Avondale, San Marco, St. Augustine, and throughout Jacksonville agree that the quality of our work is unmatched.  We’d love to take care of your project for you!

    4 Things that Keep Your Dining Room Furniture in Great Shape

    Whether your dining room is used daily or only on holidays, you want to keep the furniture in good shape.  Here are 4 tips for keeping your dining room furniture looking great:

    • Dust Often– Dust is naturally abrasive and leaves microscopic scratches all over a wooden surface, causing it to appear dingy.  The best way to avoid this is to dust often, even when you don’t think you need to.  Dust at least weekly in order to prevent the buildup of dust. Use a dusting cloth or cloth mitt, and do not use a feather duster, as these can scratch the wood.  Avoid any type of cleaning pad or wipe that will leave behind a residue.  Residue will attract even more dust.
    • Deal with Issues as They Occur– While tidying up after dinner, look for nicks and scratches that may have recently appeared on the chair legs, water rings and cracks in the finish of the table’s surface, tears in the fabric padding, etc. Deal with these issues as they happen so that they do not worsen.
    • Protect Furniture Properly– Scratches are inevitable on all wood surfaces, but with the right precautions, your wood dining room set will stay in good shape.  Use linen or cotton tablecloths and placemats rather than other courser woven ones that can potentially scratch the surface, or plastic or other synthetic fibers that could leave behind a residue.  Buy or make cork or felt pads to keep underneath heavy candlesticks, flower arrangements, or other centerpieces.  Replace the cork or felt several times per year to ensure they are still effective.  When the table is not in use, cover it with the leaf or soft tablecloth.  When a spill occurs, wipe it up immediately.  Use hot pads under any hot plates to prevent heat damage.
    • Call the pros when needed!Even when you take every possible precaution, your dining room furniture will likely still need the attention of a good professional refinishing service in order to keep it looking its very best.  The best wood refinishers will make your dining room tabletop and chairs smooth and beautiful once again.  Over time, fabric will fade and become worn, and cushions will lose their padding.  A good upholsterer can recover them to be soft, functional, and beautiful again.

    Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best wood refinishing shop Jacksonville FL homeowners rely on for their dining room furniture, favorite armchairs, and heirloom antiques alike.  We are the trusted name in antique restoration, wood refinishing, custom upholstering and the first choice among homeowners throughout Ortega, Ponte Vedra, Sawgrass, San Marco, and Riverside Avondale.  When your fine furniture needs attention and care, call on us!

    3 Outdoor Furniture Features that Never Go Out of Style

    Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to plan how to best enjoy your outdoor space.  Fabrics and colors come in and out of style, but here are the 3 features of outdoor furniture that are always in style and looking good:

    • Quality– Good quality is always in style. Your patio furniture should be high quality to help it sustain the frequent rain and the strong, direct sunlight that comes with living in Northeast Florida.  High quality furniture is also generally more comfortable, more usable, and stands up better to wear.  With some care and routine cleaning, high quality furniture will be enjoyed for many summers to come!
    • Comfort– Your outdoor furniture needs to be comfortable… it’s that simple! The deck and porch are there for you to relax on, so make sure your cushions are properly padded, repair broken areas, and be sure there are no holes or tears in upholstery.  A great furniture refinishing shop can replace padding, make repairs, and reupholster any outdoor fabrics so that your furniture is ready for use!
    • Color– Outdoor spaces are great for expressing color. Some homeowners choose to let the colors in the home’s interior spill out onto the deck or patio.  Other homeowners, on the other hand, select brighter colors, funky pairings, or bolder patterns for outdoor furniture.  A good furniture upholstery service can reupholster your favorite outdoor furniture so that it’s ready for a new season.  Have some fun this summer and give your timeless patio furniture a “facelift” in a brand-new color or pattern!

    Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra, Mandarin, and Riverside homeowners call on the best Jacksonville FL furniture refinishing company – Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering – to be sure their patio furniture is ready for summer. We specialize in refinishing fine wood furniture, reupholstering and repairing damaged or faded furniture, and restoring antique furniture to be enjoyed for years to come.  Let us help get your outdoor space ready for you to enjoy!

    Should I Reupholster My Old Sofa?

    Sofa RepairMany homeowners struggle with the question of whether or not to reupholster an old and worn sofa. The answer depends in part on the following questions and ultimately comes down to a personal decision.

    1. Is the sofa structurally sound? Another way of asking this is whether the sofa has “good bones.” If the frame is sturdy and in good shape, a great furniture upholsterer can cover it in a brand-new fabric of your choice, and can add padding or foam, if needed. This can often be done for less cost than purchasing a new sofa.
    2. Is the sofa a family heirloom? If the sofa has been important to your family, or if it’s been in the family for several generations, you might hope to keep it in the family even longer. A fresh, new fabric and some new padding or springs can give the old family sofa a new chapter! A highly rated furniture refinisher can give an old sofa, armchair, or ottoman a facelift and a new life.
    3. Is the sofa valuable? If the sofa is a valuable antique, very high quality, or if you’ve already invested good money in it, it’s generally a wise decision to reupholster it when it shows wear and tear. If the sofa is an antique, a good upholstery shop will even be able to advise you on fabric choices that can reflect the era.
    4. Is repurposing and reusing important to you? If you’re “green,” you’re passionate about reusing, repurposing, recycling, and reducing waste, and you’ll likely opt to reupholster your couch and continue using it rather than see it dumped into a landfill.
    5. What are the costs? If you don’t have a personal stake in the decision, you can simply find out which is the better value – buying a new sofa or reupholstering the old, worn one you have. If you have a high-quality sofa that’s in pretty good shape but just needs new fabric, it’s almost always less costly to reupholster.

    Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best Jacksonville FL furniture restoration shop and the company to trust with your sofa and other favorite furniture. Our customers in Ponte Vedra Beach, Ortega, Mandarin, Riverside, and the beaches call on us to keep their furniture in great shape now and for generations to come. Call on us and let’s get started on that furniture reupholstery project you’ve been daydreaming about!

    5 Tips for Preserving Furniture in Storage

    Furniture that is not stored correctly can become damaged while in storage.  Before moving your fine furniture to a basement, garage, or offsite storage unit, check out our tips to help ensure your dining room table and chairs, chest, dresser, antique chair, and other furniture stays in great shape.

    1. Determine the best place for storage.  Be sure first and foremost that the storage unit is climate controlled.  Here in humid, warm northeast Florida, it is especially important that your furniture is not stored in rooms or areas that are damp and hot, or where the temperature can fluctuate greatly.  The area you decided on for storing your favorite furniture should be monitored for moisture, protected against flooding, and should have safety measures in place to prevent break-ins.
    2. Clean the furniture.  Wipe away all dust and cobwebs, and be sure to clean away excess body oil from areas such as the arm rests of chairs.  Make each item as clean as possible, otherwise the dust, oils, and debri can settle into the fibers of the material and degrade or damage it over time.  You might also choose to treat certain materials.  For example, depending on the type of wood used in your antique wood furniture, as well as its condition, you might choose to apply a high quality oil, or ideally, to have a good professional wood refinishing service clean and repair the furniture before it is placed in storage.
    3. Disassemble furniture.  It’s often recommended that you take apart furniture items, when possible, at least partially.  For example, unscrew the legs from dining room tables and chairs, and detach the mirror from on top of the dresser, etc.  This will allow you to wrap individual pieces, if necessary, and configure all items in storage in the best possible way. Put screws, bolts, locks and keys in a small plastic bag and keep it near the furniture in order to make the furniture easier to reassemble when the time comes.
    4. Wrap or protect furniture.  Smaller glass items or mirrors should be wrapped in packing paper and then in bubble wrap or put into a box.  Sharp edges of furniture can scratch other items or get broken off in transit or storage, and therefore should be wrapped in moving quilts or packing paper.  You can even choose to loosely drape a covering over furniture to simply protect it from sunlight or dust.  However, be sure you do not use plastic wrap when covering furniture even loosely, as this can create condensation, mildew, and a host of other conditions that can cause great damage to your furniture.
    5. Raise your furniture off of the floor.  It’s also highly recommended that you raise your furniture off of the floor using cinder blocks, planks, or palettes so that your items are protected should the area flood unexpectedly.  You might choose to line the floor of the storage area with plastic.  This can seal moisture away from your furniture.

    Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best furniture refinishing service to trust with your treasured pieces.  We specialize in restoring furniture to its original splendor, whether it is an antique dining room set you recently got out of storage, a contemporary coffee table that was damaged, or your family’s favorite sofa that is in need of a facelift. We serve clients throughout the First Coast in downtown Jacksonville, Mandarin, Southside, Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, and more.  Call on us for your refinishing, restoration, or reupholstery project, and you’ll love the results!

    What Makes a Good Upholsterer?

    It’s easy to locate a good, local furniture upholsterer, but how do you know when you’ve found a high-quality upholstery shop that you can truly trust with your favorite furniture?

    • Dedication to Customer Service – A great upholsterer works with the customer to ensure the upholstery or refinishing project goes smoothly and exceeds the customer’s expectations.  Some customers may not know which type of fabric to select, or may not even know how to get started on a professional upholstery project. Good upholstery shops offer the customer service and communication that the customer needs to feel welcome, have all questions answered, and plan the reupholstery project of his or her dreams.
    • Skilled Technicians – Great upholstery shops need skilled and experienced technicians.  It’s that simple! Find a trustworthy upholstery shop with craftsmen who have honed their skills through many years of furniture restoration and have received training and experience in fine furniture upholstering.
    • Bonded & Insured – It’s imperative that the upholstery or refinishing shop that you trust with your furniture is bonded and insured so that your investment is protected.  
    • Passion for the Craft – Furniture restoration and upholstering is an art, and the technicians and craftsmen who perform the work should be passionate about what they do.


    Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the highly rated furniture refinishing company Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their fine furniture.  We are passionate about furniture and love to provide outstanding craftsmanship and service to our customers with every job. We specialize in restoring fine antique furniture, providing repairs, and reupholstering and refinishing nearly any type of fine furniture.  We’re the trusted custom upholstery service for customers in downtown Jacksonville, Ortega, Nocatee, Mandarin, and throughout the region and would love to get started on your furniture restoration or upholstering project!

    Good Upholsterer

    4 Things to Consider Before Reupholstering

    When your sofa is looking a little worse for the wear, or when you find that perfect antique armchair at an estate sale but it needs a total makeover, you start to think about having the item reupholstered.  Furniture reupholstery projects can take a lot of planning, so here are 4 things to consider before you go any further!

    1. Is my furniture worth reupholstering?  Consider the shape the furniture is in.  Is it a family heirloom, built by hand decades ago and now in need of new upholstery?  If so, that’s a perfect candidate for a great recovering job. On the other hand, if it’s machine made or has shoddy construction or is otherwise lower in quality to begin with, it may be best to instead invest in new, higher quality furniture.  If you’re in doubt, a great furniture restoration shop will be able to provide answers for you.
    2. Is there a trusted, highly rated professional upholstery shop in my area?  Many upholstery projects are beyond the scope of a simple DIY project, and you don’t want to trust your beloved furniture to just anyone.  Ask around, search online, and make sure there is a good, reputable custom upholsterer near you. You can even tour the workroom and meet with the craftsmen before deciding on the right upholsterer for your job.
    3. Involve the experts in your decision.  Once you’ve found the perfect upholsterer for your project, take advantage of their expertise and involve them in your creative process.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed at your fabric choices, a great upholsterer will be happy to help you select the perfect fabrics for your home and furniture.  Each fabric behaves differently. Some are more durable, others are better at hiding wear, others are more luxurious, and so on. A great furniture refinishing shop will have experts to help you find the perfect fabric to suit your needs.
    4. Understand the upholstery process.  Good quality upholstery projects can take time!  The timeline for your project will depend on many things, such as the shape your furniture is in, what you have planned for its makeover, as well as things like the size of the upholstery shop and whether they have a waiting list.  Speak candidly with your upholsterer and make sure you understand the timeline, the cost, the process your furniture will be involved in, and anything else you need to know to prepare for the project.

    Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best furniture upholstery service Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their fine furniture.  We specialize in custom upholstery and have a passion for restoring antique furniture to its original splendor as well as reupholstering furniture to meet the needs – and dreams – of our customers.  Join our countless clients in Mandarin, Riverside, Ponte Vedra, and throughout Jacksonville and the Beaches who are thrilled with the service they received. Do you have furniture that needs to be restored or upholstered?  We’re the ones for the job!

    Reupholstering Your Furniture

    Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture

    Summer is winding down, but the hot weather is still in full swing here in Northeast Florida and it’s the perfect time to refresh or totally revamp your patio furniture.  Here are some tips:

    • Reupholster – Cushions and padding fades in the sun, and the more hours of direct sunlight your patio gets, the more faded your upholstered furniture will become.  New cushions and pads in a bold, new fabric will definitely give your furniture a new look.
    • Re-stain – Hardwoods such as teak make great outdoor furniture, but every so often they need to have oil or a new stain applied in order to keep them in good shape.  Even if you prefer for your teak to have that silver, weather-worn look, it will still benefit from a good sanding.
    • Paint – A fresh coat of paint can give nearly anything a facelift.  Furthermore, paint technology has advanced considerably in recent years, and you can find specialized coatings to resist rust or mildew or which have UV protection, and other features that make it great for outdoor furniture.
    • Repair – Wicker comes undone, legs become uneven or wobbly, hardware gets rusty, cracks appear, water damage occurs, and other countless issues can befall your outdoor furniture.  A simple repair may mean you get to enjoy the piece more than ever.
    • Accessorize – Add colorful accessories to your outdoor seating.  Add bold and bright throw pillows or a new umbrella, and you deck or porch can become your family’s new favorite hangout.
    • Clean – Often something as simple as a thorough washing can refresh your patio furniture.  With the right cleaning solutions and a little “elbow grease,” you can get your outdoor table and chairs or other furniture ready to enjoy for the remainder of the nice weather.


    Give your outdoor furniture the attention it needs to stay in good shape, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for many days to come.  However, if you’re not sure how to make the repair needed, feel uneasy applying the right stain, or just don’t have the time to give your deck chairs and patio furniture the attention they need, call on a good local furniture refinishing company.  Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best furniture restoration shop Jacksonville, Riverside, San Marco, and Atlantic Beach homeowners call for their furniture needs. We specialize in repairs, restoration, and reupholstering, and would love to help you create the look you’re dreaming of for your outdoor furniture.

    furniture cleaning

    Just Say NO to Dip Stripping Furniture

    The first step in nearly any furniture refinishing project is to remove any remainder of the existing finish.  This removal process can be messy and time-consuming, so it’s natural to look for alternative, easier ways to do it.  However, when it comes to removing the prior coatings on a piece of wood furniture, shortcuts can end up doing severe damage to your furniture.

    So, what’s the difference between dip stripping and hand stripping furniture?

    • Dip Stripping – The dip stripping process is quick and easy, but is very hard on the furniture itself.  First, your fine, antique wood furniture is dipped into a vat filled with solvents. It’s left in the vat for several minutes (or longer) so that the chemicals in the solvents can react to the furniture’s existing finish.  The furniture is then removed from the vat, scrubbed, rinsed, and left to dry. In the dip stripping process, the furniture is submerged fully, allowing the solvents to seep into all cracks and crevices of the furniture, and the chemical solvents that the furniture is dipped into are extremely harsh, with the goal of loosening the existing finish or coating as quickly as possible.  The solvents do remove the finish, but they are so harsh that they also tend to cause the joints to come unglued, loosen the veneer, and can break down or weaken the wood itself.
    • Hand Stripping – The process of stripping the finish from furniture by hand is much gentler on furniture but is still effective at removing the existing finish in preparation for new finish to be applied.  Chemical solvents are still used, but they are rubbed on by hand, in a much smaller, safer amount. Your furniture is set on a large, shallow tray, and solvent is dispersed in small doses and wiped or brushed onto the wood, then wiped away with a cloth.  This process is more time consuming but far safer on the furniture and just as effective at removing existing finish.

    In short, the existing finish MUST come off of your furniture before it is refinished, and this removal process can be done in either a destructive way or in a safe way.  Highly rated furniture refinishing shops know the importance of removing finish carefully by hand, and shun the use of dip stripping. Your antique wood furniture and heirlooms deserve extreme care and professional treatment, and that means saying “NO” to dip stripping.

    Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best Jacksonville FL refinishing shop and the service to trust with your treasured furniture.  Our craftsmen have spent decades honing their technique and have a genuine passion for restoring, repairing, and refinishing furniture. Homeowners throughout Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, Mandarin, Riverside, and throughout Northeast Florida rely on our expertise to restore their furniture with unsurpassed care, skill, and professionalism.  Let us provide the same outstanding service for you!

    Dip Stripping Furniture