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    Tips for Protecting Your Furniture from Sun Damage

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    For most of us, that bright sunshine is one of our favorite things about living in Florida!  However, the sun’s rays can do real damage to your fine furniture. Use our tips to protect your furniture and keep it looking its best! Arrange the Room: Fabric and upholstered furniture are very sensitive to the sun, [Read the full article…]

    Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter Storage

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    Winter is short here in Jacksonville, Florida, but the temperature can still dip pretty low.  During these cold weeks or months, it’s best to clean your patio furniture and move it to a storage location to make sure it stays in good shape for when the warm weather returns.   To begin with, nearly any [Read the full article…]

    Change the Headboard, Change the Room

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    When the time comes to give the bedroom a facelift, most homeowners think this needs to include buying all new furniture, or painting the walls a bold new color, or even remodeling the room.  In reality, it can be much easier and far less expensive than that.  In many cases, if you simply change the [Read the full article…]

    How To Keep Your Dining Room Furniture In Great Shape

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    For many of us, the dining room is the setting for big family dinners, dinner parties, and other fun events with family and friends.  For others of us, the dining room may only be used on special occasions.  In any case, you want to keep the dining room furniture in good shape and the room [Read the full article…]

    The Right Fabric For Your Upholstery Project

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    The first part of any big upholstery project usually includes looking through an endless array of fabrics, including natural, synthetic, and blended fabrics in every color and pattern imaginable.  It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all your choices!  Use our tips to help navigate the endless color and texture choices and find the perfect [Read the full article…]