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Finding Your Furniture Style

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Understanding your home decor style is essential for selecting fine wood or upholstered furniture you love and creating a space that truly reflects your personality and preferences.  Here we’ll explore some of the most common furniture styles to help you distinguish their features and help you discover your favorite style of furniture and home décor: [Read the full article…]

Wood Dining room tabletop

Guide to Stripping Furniture Finish

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Embarking on a furniture refinishing project can be rewarding, but it requires careful attention to detail, especially during the crucial step of stripping the old coatings from the wooden surfaces.  In this guide, we’ll use our professional experience as the best Jacksonville furniture restoration shop to walk you through the essential steps to ensure you [Read the full article…]

Best Way to Strip Furniture

Quality Matters in Furniture Refinishing

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Your furniture is more than just wooden or metal or upholstered pieces placed in your home; these pieces are investments that enhance your living space and reflect your personal style.  However, over time, they may require repairs or reupholstering to maintain their beauty and functionality.  When the time comes for such restoration work, it’s essential [Read the full article…]

refinished antique wooden desk

Should You Discard Old Furniture?

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Is your dresser showing signs of sun damage?  Does that creaky antique chair seem beyond repair?  Is your dining room table full of water rings, dents, and dings?  Before you consider sending your wood furniture to the curb, consider having it refinished by the best professional furniture restoration service in your area.  Here’s why we [Read the full article…]

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When to Reupholster Leather

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A question we get frequently from customers is, “When should I reupholster my leather furniture?”  Though ultimately the decision is yours, here are tips from our professional furniture upholsterers for whether you should have your leather furniture reupholstered. Rips or Tears – If your leather sofa sustains a rip or tear, it’s generally not possible [Read the full article…]

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