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    Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture

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    Summer is winding down, but the hot weather is still in full swing here in Northeast Florida and it’s the perfect time to refresh or totally revamp your patio furniture.  Here are some tips: Reupholster – Cushions and padding fades in the sun, and the more hours of direct sunlight your patio gets, the more [Read the full article…]

    Just Say NO to Dip Stripping Furniture

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    The first step in nearly any furniture refinishing project is to remove any remainder of the existing finish.  This removal process can be messy and time-consuming, so it’s natural to look for alternative, easier ways to do it.  However, when it comes to removing the prior coatings on a piece of wood furniture, shortcuts can [Read the full article…]

    3 Tips for Deciding Whether to Reupholster Your Furniture or Buy New

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    Furniture is an investment, and when your upholstered furniture starts to fade, or the fabric becomes thin, it’s time to decide whether you want to continue to invest in the same piece or buys something altogether new.  We have three important tips to help you make your decision… What shape is the furniture in?  Your [Read the full article…]

    Tips for Protecting Your Furniture from Sun Damage

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    For most of us, that bright sunshine is one of our favorite things about living in Florida!  However, the sun’s rays can do real damage to your fine furniture. Use our tips to protect your furniture and keep it looking its best! Arrange the Room: Fabric and upholstered furniture are very sensitive to the sun, [Read the full article…]

    Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter Storage

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    Winter is short here in Jacksonville, Florida, but the temperature can still dip pretty low.  During these cold weeks or months, it’s best to clean your patio furniture and move it to a storage location to make sure it stays in good shape for when the warm weather returns.   To begin with, nearly any [Read the full article…]