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    4 Things that Keep Your Dining Room Furniture in Great Shape

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    Whether your dining room is used daily or only on holidays, you want to keep the furniture in good shape.  Here are 4 tips for keeping your dining room furniture looking great: Dust Often– Dust is naturally abrasive and leaves microscopic scratches all over a wooden surface, causing it to appear dingy.  The best way [Read the full article…]

    3 Outdoor Furniture Features that Never Go Out of Style

    Posted by

    Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to plan how to best enjoy your outdoor space.  Fabrics and colors come in and out of style, but here are the 3 features of outdoor furniture that are always in style and looking good: Quality– Good quality is always in style. Your patio furniture should [Read the full article…]

    Should I Reupholster My Old Sofa?

    Posted by

    Many homeowners struggle with the question of whether or not to reupholster an old and worn sofa. The answer depends in part on the following questions and ultimately comes down to a personal decision. Is the sofa structurally sound? Another way of asking this is whether the sofa has “good bones.” If the frame is [Read the full article…]

    5 Tips for Preserving Furniture in Storage

    Posted by

    Furniture that is not stored correctly can become damaged while in storage.  Before moving your fine furniture to a basement, garage, or offsite storage unit, check out our tips to help ensure your dining room table and chairs, chest, dresser, antique chair, and other furniture stays in great shape. Determine the best place for storage. [Read the full article…]

    What Makes a Good Upholsterer?

    Posted by

    It’s easy to locate a good, local furniture upholsterer, but how do you know when you’ve found a high-quality upholstery shop that you can truly trust with your favorite furniture? Dedication to Customer Service – A great upholsterer works with the customer to ensure the upholstery or refinishing project goes smoothly and exceeds the customer’s [Read the full article…]