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Upholstery That Will Last

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It’s finally happened: your favorite spot on the sofa has worn so thin that it’s time to have it reupholstered.  Or maybe you’ve repainted the living room and now the chairs, sectional, and ottoman need new upholstery in order to look good with the new wall color.  Or perhaps you’re just tired of looking at [Read the full article…]

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Furniture Refinishing Benefits

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Should you put the dresser with the water rings and sun damage out at the curb, or attempt to refinish it?  Should you throw out that creaky antique chair or find a good furniture restoration service to repair and refinish it?  Here are some of the benefits of refinishing your furniture or hiring the best [Read the full article…]

Dip Stripping Furniture

Protecting Wood Furniture

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You love your wood dining table and chairs, the custom wood end tables you recently purchased, and the antique wood secretary desk that’s been in your family for ages.  When you care for your wood furniture the right way, it will stay in great shape for years to come, but how do you do that?  [Read the full article…]

Wood door with dark finish and with key

Antique Furniture Trends

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Most of us have acquired a few pieces of antique furniture over the years, whether by inheriting it from a relative, scoring it at resale shop, or other.  Does your favorite antique furniture work well with current design trends?  Here are the most popular styles of antique furniture right now: MCM – The midcentury modern [Read the full article…]

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Choosing the Best Upholstery Service

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Your furniture is an investment, so when the time comes for repairs or reupholstering, how do you find the best company to do the work?  Our tips can help! Experience – When looking for a good furniture upholstery service to take care of your favorite chair or beloved sectional, find a service company with experience. [Read the full article…]

Hottest Furniture Upholstery Trends