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    Cleaners to Avoid on Wood Furniture

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    Wiping the dust from your wood furniture, positioning it out of the way of harmful UV sunlight, and other actions help keep your favorite furniture in great shape for decades, or even generation.  Though you know cleaning is a part of furniture maintenance, there are several products that can severely damage your heirlooms. Avoid using [Read the full article…]

    Dip Stripping Furniture

    Refinishing Your Tabletop

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    Your dining room table receives frequent use.  It’s the spot for family meals, often multiple times per day, as well as homework, card games, and countless other projects and fun.  The tabletop surface inevitably shows scuffs, water marks, scratches, and more.  When the time comes, how do you refinish your tabletop and get it back [Read the full article…]

    Wood Dining room tabletop

    What is a Hope Chest?

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    As expert antique refinishers, we’re also history buffs and love to know how and by whom antique furniture and other artifacts were used.  A “hope chest” is a familiar term, but what is a hope chest, when were they used, and are they still around today? Here are some interesting facts about hope chests: The [Read the full article…]

    Hope Chest

    Upholstery Shop Demonstrates Making Cloth Face Coverings

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    With the CDC recommending on April 3, 2020 that the general public wear cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain, The First Coast Home Pros Family of Companies’ Jax Furniture Refinishing and Upholstering decided to put their upholstery shop to work during the crisis making fabric masks. [Read the full article…]

    Common Furniture Styles Throughout American History

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    It’s fascinating to see periods of history reflected in the artwork, fashion, and furniture of the time.  As passionate proponents of antique restoration, at Jax Furniture, we’re very interested in design features and techniques of furniture making throughout American history.  Here’s a brief overview of the most popular furniture styles in America: William & Mary [Read the full article…]