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Antique Furniture Trends

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Most of us have acquired a few pieces of antique furniture over the years, whether by inheriting it from a relative, scoring it at resale shop, or other.  Does your favorite antique furniture work well with current design trends?  Here are the most popular styles of antique furniture right now:

  1. MCM – The midcentury modern style, commonly shortened to MCM, continues to be one of the most popular revivals and trends in interior design and furniture design right now. This period, which spanned from approximately the mid-1940s to the mid-1960s was earmarked by warm wood such as Danish teak, and bold fabric colors.
  2. Shaker & Colonial – The “Transitional Style” similarly continues to be popular in interior design. In this style, Shaker furniture, colonial furniture, and other antique styles are merged with contemporary design elements to create a welcoming and comfortable aesthetic.
  3. Craftsman – The Craftsman style seems timeless, and with good reason; with a focus on quality craftsmanship and quality materials, furniture from this era remains highly valued and appreciated, and often able to be incorporated into numerous types of interior design.

Your favorite antique furniture deserves to be incorporated into your home and enjoyed.  If it’s in need of a high-quality custom refinishing job, reupholstering, or repairs, the first step is to find the best furniture restoration shop in your area and let skilled professional furniture refinishers spruce it up.  It’s easy to make your antique chest, dining table set, console, or chairs look great in your home by trusting good professional furniture refinishers to handle any restoration that may be needed.

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