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Furniture Refinishing Benefits

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Should you put the dresser with the water rings and sun damage out at the curb, or attempt to refinish it?  Should you throw out that creaky antique chair or find a good furniture restoration service to repair and refinish it?  Here are some of the benefits of refinishing your furniture or hiring the best professional furniture restoration company in your area to do the job:

  • New Chapter – Refinishing your furniture gives it a new chapter! Instead of dumping a piece of furniture just because it no longer looks brand new, find a great furniture refinishing shop in your area and let the technicians repair it and give it a new coat of stain or new upholstery.  You’ll fall in love with it all over again and it will have a “new life” in your home.
  • No Landfill – When you choose to restore your favorite furniture instead of discarding it, that’s one less thing being dumped in the ever-expanding landfills. The best professional antique restoration companies can refinish your furniture and breathe new life into it again.
  • Customize – One of the best things about hiring good professional furniture refinishing companies is that they can provide a customized look for your furniture. If you have a particular color of paint, or tone of stain, or pattern of fabric you’ve been dreaming of for your furniture, good furniture refinishers can make it happen.

If you choose to refinish your broken, faded, or worn furniture, the option that yields the best results is to find the best antique restoration service or the best furniture refinishing service in your area and trust the work to the trained craftsmen.  Jax Furniture Refinishing and Upholstering is the best furniture restoration service Jacksonville homeowners trust with their furniture.  Our craftsmen are trained and experienced and ready to take on your furniture restoration project, whether you are up in Riverside, San Marco, or downtown Jacksonville, or over at Neptune Beach or Atlantic Beach, or down in Mandarin or Sawgrass. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your furniture refinishing needs!