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Protecting Wood Furniture

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You love your wood dining table and chairs, the custom wood end tables you recently purchased, and the antique wood secretary desk that’s been in your family for ages.  When you care for your wood furniture the right way, it will stay in great shape for years to come, but how do you do that?  These 5 tips will help you care for fine wood furniture:

  • Dusting – Regular dusting is one of the best and easiest ways to protect and preserve wood furniture. Just use a clean dry cloth and thoroughly wipe around each corner, leg, drawer, and crevice in your wood antique furniture.  Don’t wait until there’s a layer of dust on it; dust particles have jagged edges that can damage your wood furniture, so make a habit of routinely dusting your favorite wood furniture pieces before dust is even visible.
  • Cleaners – We recommend using only a clean dry cloth to clean your wood furniture, but if you choose to use a cleaning product on your wood furniture, be highly selective and careful. Avoid harsh cleaners, including ammonia, bleach, and other cleaning solutions that could strip your wood furniture of its finishes and weaken it.  Avoid water, which could cause wood drawers, doors, or surfaces to warp.  If you choose to use a wood cleaning oil or furniture polish, vigilantly check the manufacturer’s label to be sure it is safe to use on your wood furniture.  If you believe your dresser, chest, dining room set, bench or other wood furniture needs to be cleaned, rather than use cleaning solutions, just hire a good professional wood refinishing service to restore your wood furniture!
  • Protective Layer – Don’t set hot dishes on a wood table without a trivet or hot pad, utilize drink coasters, keep cotton or linen tablecloths on dining room tables, and otherwise protect the surfaces of your wood furniture. When water rings, dents, stains, and fading do occur on your wood furniture, find the best professional wood refinishing service in your area and trust the refinishers with your furniture.
  • Environment – Help protect your favorite wood furniture by ensuring the environment is not too humid and not too dry, either of which could cause damage to fine furniture. Do not position your wood furniture near sources of moisture, heat, intense sunlight, or other such conditions that could pose damage to high quality wood furniture.
  • Professional Refinishing – Restoring wood furniture is complicated, so when the time comes to repair your wood bookcase or armoire, or to restore your favorite vintage wood furniture, skip the DIY and instead rely on the expertise of good professional furniture refinishers in your area. Your heirloom furniture deserves high quality refinishing and care!

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