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    3 Important Things You Need for Your Furniture Refinishing Project

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    Wood furniture sustains a lot of damage simply through everyday use.  Fortunately, a lot of this damage can be mitigated through sanding, scraping, and staining, which is why so many homeowners set off on DIY wood refinishing projects.  So what do you need to embark on your own furniture restoration project?

    1. Time– Any woodworking, wood refinishing, or restoration project requires time. Unless you’re a seasoned furniture restorer, you’ll need time to research the project, gather your materials, decide on the perfect stain or lacquer, etc.  Then, you’ll need time to execute the project. Often, furniture repair and restoration requires multiple coatings, or involves a glue that needs to cure.  High quality furniture restoration and refinishing takes time.  If you’re short on time yourself, it’s best to call on a great furniture restoration shop to do the work.
    2. Protection– Make sure you have all the necessary protective equipment to perform the work safely. Many restoration projects require strippers and solvents, and for the sake of your hands, invest in good quality gloves that are appropriate for the task you will be doing and the materials you will be handling.  If you’ll be applying lacquers, shellacs, or varnishes, we recommend using the appropriate respirator while working.  Liquid varnishes can spatter, and fumes can irritate your eyes, so protect yourself with the right glasses or goggles.
    3. Space– Unless you’re restoring dollhouse furniture, you’ll need a large work area for your furniture repair project. You need adequate space to spread out a tarp or dropcloth and to hold numerous tools, gallons of varnish or stain, and other project materials.  Your project will be messy, so you’ll need to find the right space where sanding dust, fumes, spatter, and cords won’t be a bother to others in your house.  Since wood refinishing projects can span multiple days or weeks, you’ll want your space to be out of the way of everyday foot traffic too.

    It’s a great feeling when your project is complete… The final coat of varnish has dried, and your antique chair, end table, or headboard can be reincorporated into your home.  If you have doubts about completing the project yourself, find the best local furniture refinishing service and trust the job to them. It’s possible that the task may become overly taxing, too expensive, or downright dangerous, and in such cases, it’s best to take the piece to a professional restoration shop.

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