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    3 Tips for Deciding Whether to Reupholster Your Furniture or Buy New

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    Furniture is an investment, and when your upholstered furniture starts to fade, or the fabric becomes thin, it’s time to decide whether you want to continue to invest in the same piece or buys something altogether new.  We have three important tips to help you make your decision…

    1. What shape is the furniture in?  Your furniture may be starting to show its age, but what condition is it really in?  Is the padding worn thin? Is the fabric worn just as thin? Are there broken springs?  Does the batting need to be replaced? Does the wood frame need to be repaired? Are there buttons, piping, or other design details you’d like to preserve?  A great furniture refinishing company will have craftsmen who are experienced in restoring and refinishing, as well as reupholstering furniture, and will be able to provide the finished product you desire.
    2. Is the furniture an antique?  Antique furniture is almost always higher in quality than what is manufactured today.  For example, if an antique or older piece of upholstered furniture has wood features, they’re almost certainly made of hardwood, rather than plywood or particle board, as is often the case today.  If your furniture is a family heirloom or antique, a highly-rated furniture refinisher will be able to restore its beauty and give it a new chapter in a brand new fabric.
    3. What is your budget for furniture?  It often costs far less to restore, refinish, or reupholster furniture than to buy new, especially if you want to have high quality furniture.  When buying new furniture, assuming you want a high quality piece, you’ll need to be prepared to pay accordingly.

    It almost always makes the most sense to find the best furniture refinishing shop in your area and have the craftsmen reupholster your furniture and give it a new chapter of life.  Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best furniture restoration Jacksonville FL homeowners trust with their reupholstering projects, antique restoration, and wood refinishing.  Our craftsmen are highly skilled and specialize in transforming your furniture into the piece you’re dreaming of. We’ve served homeowners and antique owners throughout Jacksonville, Mandarin, Riverside, Sawgrass, and throughout Northeast Florida and would love to get started on your furniture upholstery project.

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