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    4 Things to Consider Before Reupholstering

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    When your sofa is looking a little worse for the wear, or when you find that perfect antique armchair at an estate sale but it needs a total makeover, you start to think about having the item reupholstered.  Furniture reupholstery projects can take a lot of planning, so here are 4 things to consider before you go any further!

    1. Is my furniture worth reupholstering?  Consider the shape the furniture is in.  Is it a family heirloom, built by hand decades ago and now in need of new upholstery?  If so, that’s a perfect candidate for a great recovering job. On the other hand, if it’s machine made or has shoddy construction or is otherwise lower in quality to begin with, it may be best to instead invest in new, higher quality furniture.  If you’re in doubt, a great furniture restoration shop will be able to provide answers for you.
    2. Is there a trusted, highly rated professional upholstery shop in my area?  Many upholstery projects are beyond the scope of a simple DIY project, and you don’t want to trust your beloved furniture to just anyone.  Ask around, search online, and make sure there is a good, reputable custom upholsterer near you. You can even tour the workroom and meet with the craftsmen before deciding on the right upholsterer for your job.
    3. Involve the experts in your decision.  Once you’ve found the perfect upholsterer for your project, take advantage of their expertise and involve them in your creative process.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed at your fabric choices, a great upholsterer will be happy to help you select the perfect fabrics for your home and furniture.  Each fabric behaves differently. Some are more durable, others are better at hiding wear, others are more luxurious, and so on. A great furniture refinishing shop will have experts to help you find the perfect fabric to suit your needs.
    4. Understand the upholstery process.  Good quality upholstery projects can take time!  The timeline for your project will depend on many things, such as the shape your furniture is in, what you have planned for its makeover, as well as things like the size of the upholstery shop and whether they have a waiting list.  Speak candidly with your upholsterer and make sure you understand the timeline, the cost, the process your furniture will be involved in, and anything else you need to know to prepare for the project.

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