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    5 Popular Finishes for Wood Furniture

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    Fine wood furniture needs the right finish, not only to make it look beautiful, but also to protect it from moisture, scratches, UV rays, and other such damage.  There are seemingly endless choices of finish available, however, so how do you begin finding the right one for your wood table, dining room set, or antique chair?

    Here are 5 of the best finishes for wood furniture:

    • Lacqueris still considered one of the best all-around wood finishes because it’s durable, dries quickly, and provides great depth and warmth to the wood.  Be forewarned that it can yellow over time and is heat-sensitive so take those things into account as you plan the refinishing project as well as where you’ll keep the furniture afterwards.
    • Linseed oil and tung oilare the oils most commonly used in wood finishing.  These oils are penetrating finishes, meaning they will penetrate the fibers of the wood before hardening as they cure.These oils are easy to apply.  You generally just wipe them onto the furniture with an old towel, give them time to penetrate the wood, and then wipe away the excess.
    • Shellacis a natural resin mixed with additives that make it easier to apply.It’s available in numerous colors, and it’s interesting to note that the sap of the tree which the resin was harvested from influences the color.  Be advised that some shellacs are blended with wax, and this can decrease the ability of the shellac to resist wear.
    • Varnishis composed of synthetic resins mixed with oils.Varnish cures like oils, but once cured is more durable due to the resins in its makeup.  Varnish is applied with a brush or an old towel.
    • Water-based finishescontain some of the same ingredients as shellac and varnish, but water is used in place of certain flammable ingredients. Though water-based finishes are durable, they do not resist heat as well as oil-based finishes.

    When you decide on the best finish for your wood furniture, set aside adequate time to apply it and get ready for a great DIY project.  Or, simply call on a good furniture refinishing company in your area and trust the professionals with your furniture.  There are many great Jacksonville FL furniture refinishing companies who can advise you about the right finish for your furniture, and help you plan the project from start to finish.  Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is trusted name in furniture restoration and the best company Jacksonville FL, Southside, Nocatee, Atlantic Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach homeowners call on for their furniture needs.