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    5 Signs that Your Wood Furniture Needs to Be Refinished

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    Your dresser, end tables, side table, dining room furniture, and other wood furniture receives daily use, and it will inevitably start to show evidence of wear and tear.  Here are five signs that it’s time to either plan your DIY wood refinishing project or find a great furniture refinishing shop in your area:

    • The surface of the wood feels sticky even after it’s been dusted. Wood furniture does not require solvents and cleaning solutions to make it clean.  In fact, you should ONLY dust your wood furniture with a clean, dry, microfiber cloth or other such cloth.  However, if even after you’ve dusted your furniture it feels sticky or tacky, it’s time for the furniture to be refinished.
    • The existing finish has cracked, and the wood underneath is exposed.If the wood is exposed, that means the finish can no longer do its job to protect that wood, and it’s time to call on a highly rated wood refinishing shop to give it a fresh coating.
    • The finish is flaking or chipping off. When the finish flakes, chips, or peels, that means it’s failing and needs to be removed with a fresh finish coat applied.
    • Watermarks, dents, dings, scratches, and blemishes are present.Sometimes even if the finish is intact, the furniture has gotten enough use to merit restoration.  Scratches, dents, and other such blemishes just indicate the furniture receives a lot of use, so why not treat it to a custom restoration or refinishing job so that you can get it back in shape and continue using it?
    • You’re considering discarding it. If you find yourself wanting to donate or throw away your wood furniture, stop and think about this.  Could you fall in love with it again if it had a fresh coat of varnish?  Or if it was restored in a different finish?

    Your wood furniture is valuable, whether it represents an investment you made, or it’s an antique you inherited, or it’s just something you acquired and came to love.  Even well-built furniture requires maintenance and care!  A highly rated furniture refinishing shop in your area can restore your wood armoire, chest, or headboard to its original splendor.

    Homeowners throughout Jacksonville FL and the surrounding area call on Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering when their antique furniture, wood furniture, and upholstered furniture needs repair or restoration.  We’re the best furniture refinishing service in Northeast Florida, including Riverside Avondale, San Marco, and all along the Beaches, and we’d love to take care of your wood refinishing project for you!