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    The Importance of Using a Highly Rated Furniture Refinishing Shop

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    Torn fabric, flat cushions, faded upholstery, water rings, broken chair legs, scratched surfaces… at some point, every one of us needs to have fine furniture repaired, refinished, reupholstered, or otherwise “fixed.”  You can look for tips online and attempt the job yourself, or you can take your beautiful furniture to a chop shop and hope it turns out alright, or you can find a highly rated and trustworthy furniture restoration service and rely on the expertise of the craftsmen there.

    Fine furniture requires fine craftsmanship.  Here are 3 requirements of fine furniture that make it important to seek a great furniture refinishing shop when work needs to be done:

    1. Time– Any refinishing or upholstering job takes time, and many jobs take a lot of time. For a high-quality custom job, specialized supplies often need to be ordered. There is almost always a great deal of prep work required of a furniture reupholstery or refinishing job.  If you’re refinishing wood, you’ll often need to wait for a coating of varnish or lacquer to cure, or for glue to set, which can take hours or even days to occur.  In upholstery work, you need to take the time to measure the fabric carefully, cut with precision, and take handle the fabric carefully.
    2. Labor Intensive– The detailed work required of repairing and restoring fine furniture can be extensive.Prep work can include stripping and sanding a piece to the frame.  Then, reinforcing a frame or joints, replacing coil springs and zigzag springs, replacing padding, applying stain, chair caning, fitting and sewing fabric to the specific specs needed, and perfecting detail work by hand all require focused, skilled work.
    3. Special Skills– A high quality furniture restoration shop employs true craftsmen who have honed their skills for years, received specialized training, and generally become experts in numerous aspects of antique restoration, upholstering, and wood refinishing.

    High quality furniture restoration and reupholstery is a time- and labor-intensive process that involves specialized skills. Your heirloom dresser and armoire, antique chair, and favorite hutch need to be trusted to the care of an award-winning, trusted furniture restoration company.  Jax Furniture Refinishing & Upholstering is the best First Coast furniture repair shop that customers in Riverside, Mandarin, Ortega, and Jacksonville call on for their furniture needs.  Call today to set up your appointment!